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Oct 21, 2020
Using Social Media Effectively For Your Ecommerce Business
Social media is just one of the earmarks of a professional company and it is one of the best ways to advertise, offer customer support and let customers know that there are real people behind your organization.

The Basics of Social Media

You know that social media can be a great way to get traffic to your ecommerce website but that doesn’t mean that getting that traffic is going to be easy. It especially is going to take work if you want to have sustained success throughout your store’s lifetime. That means that you aren’t just looking for short-term social media tactics, you need a strategy. That begins with goal-setting.

Setting goals is important no matter what you are trying to achieve, because unless you know where you are going you have very little chance of getting there. You want to set goals like: traffic increases from social media, number of followers/fans/other vernacular of your social media platform, your conversion rate, post engagement numbers and growth goals.

You also need to know what your customers need. You definitely want to know what kind of content they desire before you start posting and then monitor and stay in the loop using social media, comments and other methods to track reactions.

The analytics that come with your website also can provide you with a great deal of information on what your customers are looking for and what kind of posts would bring in the most traffic. The keywords that people use when they reach your site are particularly telling and can be an unlimited source of topics to write about.

Finally, one of the most basic things about social media that anyone just coming in should understand is that social media isn’t for selling. While you can make sales using social media, and it can be a great selling tool, your primary purpose should be sharing with your followers or fans. If you try to make your social media platform a podium from which to hawk your products, you are going to lose your followers very quickly.

However, if you can keep followers interested in your feed – whatever platform you are using – you will find that new followers will always come and your regular followers will not be offended by the occasional product recommendation from your store, particularly if it is something that solves a problem that someone was introducing on social media. Just remember to keep track of your progress and that your social media efforts are showing improvement.

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